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Are You Ready?
How to Build a Legacy to Die For

WINNER! 2024 Pacific Book Awards for  Best Inspirational Book

We all know the importance of life insurance to make certain our loved ones are financially secure after we pass on, but what can we do to ensure they are emotionally secure without us? Are You Ready? How to Build a Legacy to Die For is designed to help us do just that. It is a book in three parts, including a workbook. Don’t wait to get ready. Our graduation from life comes unexpectedly. This book will help you be prepared to graduate with honors.

Naomi and the Widows' Club: A Safe Strong Place after the Loss of a Spouse

Society today does not prepare us for an time in life when we live alone. Most of us are not ready. In our death-denying culture, we make assumptions and plan for an life lived together with our spouses. We typically do not prepare for the shock, grief, loss of identity and social standing, economic insecurity, and loneliness that frequently accompanies the loss of our life partner. But God prepares us.

Emotional Emergency Handbook by Kimberly Harms DDS
Emotional Emergency Handbook

Every dental office has a plan for managing medical emergencies. Few offices, however, have written policies and procedures related to the handling of emotional emergencies which occur far more frequently. An emotional emergency in the dental office is defined as any negative emotion that takes our attention away from delivering the best care possible. Use this as a reference book when you are faced with a difficult dental dilemma and need help. This book can serve as a tool to help build happiness and harmony in your journey through dentistry!

Neutralize Your NightmaresHandbook by Kimberly Harms DDS
Neutralize Your Nightmares Handbook

Do you stay up at night worrying about an unhappy patient? Does conflict among team members disrupt your day and prevent you from delivering the best care possible? Do you feel the steam boiling up from the pot of animosity that is stirred by other team members? If so, you are not alone. There are many things in life that we can control, but sustained office conflict is not one of them. This book is designed to help dental offices build harmony and develop a united sense of purpose to help them weather the other storms that are genuinely out of their control.


"Are You Ready? How to Build a Legacy to Die For by Dr. Harms tackles the profound yet often unspoken aspects of life's journey—legacy, mortality, and the lasting impact we hope to leave. This work is an introspective guide that delves into the intricate dance between life's beginning and end, acknowledging the chaos and beauty that define our existence. Dr. Harms addresses these themes with grace, articulating the dualities of love and pain, joy and sorrow.

In her exploration, Dr. Harms defines what legacy means by sharing compelling narratives of individuals who have turned adversity into opportunities for growth and compassion. These stories not only inspire but also challenge readers to reflect on their own legacies and the marks they wish to leave on the world. Dr. Harms embraces a variety of belief systems, emphasizing their validity and the universal truths that connect humanity—the cycles of birth and the inevitability of death. This book pushes the reader into sometimes uncomfortable but necessary contemplations about proactive legacy building, which can alleviate the burdens of uncertainty and grief for loved ones.

Dr. Harms encourages persistence, her writing style imbuing a sense of resilience and urging readers to continue despite discomfort. What sets this book apart is Dr. Harms' compassionate and relatable storytelling. She injects her own experiences into the narrative, providing comfort and guiding readers towards making essential life decisions. Her gentle yet effective nudging is designed to move you from contemplation to action, leaving readers grateful for the encouragement to take proactive steps in legacy planning.

Are You Ready? How to Build a Legacy to Die For is clearly a labor of love, reflecting Dr. Harms' commitment to thoughtful writing and genuine connection with her audience. Her message is poised to resonate with anyone pondering their impact on the world, making this book a valuable read for those seeking to understand the importance of crafting a meaningful legacy."

Thank you, Karen Almeida
Assistant Editor, Literary Titan


"Are You Ready? How to Build A Legacy to Die For is a work of non-fiction in the self-help, death and dying, and emotive writing genres. Penned by author Dr. Kimberly Harms, this in-depth work guides readers through building emotional security for loved ones beyond financial provisions, emphasizing the importance of leaving a positive legacy.

Divided into three parts, the book prompts reflection on life's purpose, the nature of death, and practical preparations for the inevitable. Through focusing on values like love and education, contemplating death's process, and utilizing the workbook for readiness, readers are empowered to prepare their loved ones for life without them, ensuring a legacy of honor and emotional security.

Author Kimberly Harms has taken on a hugely challenging subject and crafted a thought-provoking book that will certainly encourage readers to consider the significance of their actions in life beyond mere financial provisions for their loved ones. In a capitalist world where we’re all chasing the next paycheck, Harms' approach to building a legacy based on positive values resonates deeply, prompting us all to reflect on how we can leave a lasting impact through love, trust, and education.

The narrative tone is suitably empathetic for the subject matter, but it’s also a call to action that offers a gentle but firm hand on your shoulder. The exploration of death's process provides valuable insights into confronting mortality with grace and understanding, and there’s a really brilliant workbook section offering practical guidance for preparing loved ones for life without you. Overall, Are You Ready? is a challenging work that everyone ought to read to consider the important questions of legacy and future generations."

K.C. Finn
Readers’ Favorite



"Are You Ready? How to Build a Legacy to Die For by Dr. Kimberly Harms is a book that guides us on what to do while we are alive if we want to leave a positive legacy when we die.

There are three parts to this book. Part I is on legacy, and it starts with Dr. Kimberly Harms’ life story. This story is the foundation of the book as it is referred to in the rest of the book. In the remaining chapters in Part I, many types of legacies are discussed. Part II is on death and dying in which some results from research studies are discussed as well as Dr. Harms’ personal experiences. Part III is titled “The Death Prepper’s Workbook” and can be considered the main part of the book. It gives detailed instructions on what to do if we want to leave a positive legacy.

Since our time on Earth is limited, wouldn’t it be nice to leave a positive legacy that will last a lot longer? And we have good news from Dr. Harms who says: “The good news is that every one of us, no matter the personal circumstances we find ourselves in now, can pass on a positive legacy.” Isn’t that wonderful?

I loved Dr. Harms’ life story in Part I, as it is well-written and absorbing. I also liked the templates in Part III which make it easier for readers to do the necessary. For those who want to leave a positive legacy, Are You Ready? How to Build A Legacy to Die For by Dr. Kimberly Harms is a highly recommended read."

Tommy Wong, Readers' Favorite


"Are You Ready? by Dr. Kimberly Harms serves as a guide for living a beautiful life and leaving a legacy that's worth preserving. It encourages readers to make the best use of their limited time and get their affairs in order before dying. The topics are divided into three sections. The first part is about the different values and choices that can lead to living to the fullest while impacting others positively. Here, Kimberly shares stories about hard work, art, family traditions, and more. Part Two looks into the concept of dying and its possible connection to the spiritual world. Readers follow stories about near-death experiences and read the author's profound thoughts about the afterlife. Part Three is all about setting goals and having important conversations with your loved ones to prepare them for when you're gone.

The brilliant stories from the many amazing individuals in Are You Ready? are exemplary and inspiring, offering readers a great opportunity to tap into their strengths and live a life that's rewarding both personally and outwardly. One such character is Chee, who moved from China to the US in 1918 as a 10-year-old. I hope that, like him, I can say in my old age that I have lived an extraordinary life and done everything I wanted to do. Additionally, Kimberly Harms's highly informative book is filled with important topics about preparing for death and useful references for researching further. Every adult, whether young or old, should read Are You Ready? since death is a reality we must all prepare for. This book is an engaging blend of historical, philosophical, and spiritual topics. Also, you will love Kimberly's conversational language and engaging stories."

 Foluso Falaye, Readers’ Favorite